Understand the vision of Immortal Game: The world’s first chess Play & Earn


Chess is one of the oldest games in the world, born 2,000 years ago in India and now played by more than 1 billion players around the globe. Recently, chess encountered a huge gain in popularity thanks to the Netflix series « The Queen's Gambit » and streamers on Twitch and Youtube playing it more and more.

Seeing the hyper growth of Play&Earn platforms like Sorare and Axie Infinity mixing games and NFTs made us think, why not bring that to chess?

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How we do it

Chess game

We are building an online chess game platform, available on mobile and desktop, with a layer of NFT on top of it.

One of our first constraints was to keep the rules of chess as pure as they have been for the last 2,000 years and known by millions of players. We do not want to change a single bit of them. Same rules, new ways to play.

Doing so, on the one hand the massive player base who play chess will be able to play Immortal Game ; on the other hand Immortal Game will bring a new generation of players to the oldest casual game in the World.


Immortal Game will set up a dual token structure composed of a governance token called $IGE and a utility token called $CMT (CheckMate Token).

$IGE: Our governance token

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